Friday, September 11, 2009

Dedicated to Mr. Lush and Mr. Commentbox

Mr. Commentbox told me today that it's been "quite a while" since I posted something on my blog. It seems that Mr. Lush feels the same way about my sister Eurolush, for I just came across a remark he made in her latest commentbox regarding the exact definition of the phrase "I'm back."

Bloggers...we're just like that. We sometimes stop writing, then we can't seem to stop writing. At times we proclaim our overwhelming desire to quit it all. For good. Such a proclamation is, more often than not, accompanied by a desire to start a brand-new blog. We may publish this new blog, but it is more than likely we won't. Instead, we might concentrate on comments, although we might stop commenting altogether and simply call each other on the telephone.

The one thing of which you can be absolutely certain... the only certain thing in a blogger's repertoire... is that we are DRAMATIC. We LOVE and we HATE blogging, and we stop and we start and then we stop again.

This is the ART of blogging. We are blogue artistes - pacing in our posting studio, fretting at the keyboard, stomping off in a huff, returning with passionate affection. The life of a blogue artiste is nothing if not exciting. Although blog readers often do not realise this, because we don't always post about it.

It is the destiny of the blogue artiste's husband to suffer for his wife's arte. He will check her blog several times during each day, taking precious time away from his pressured and shockingly busy day at work, to see if a new post has been published. He may then take his life in his hands at the dinner-table that evening, mentioning "casually" that he would love to have "something new to read." It sometimes ends in tears, but that is his burden, and he carries it bravely and patiently.

Therefore, without further ado, I dedicate this post to Mr. Lush and Mr. Commentbox, who suffer for the sake of the arte of blogue. In their honour I give you Sherbert with their classic "Howzat," for no other reason than the fact that I do believe it will make them smile and give them hope that both Eurolush and I still have a hell of a lot more blogging fun ahead of us.

Or not.

Depending on how inspired we feel on any particular day.



RW said...

I have missed you.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking daily too.
And shall continue to.

fifi said...

Yes, I've missed you too!

Frogdancer said...

Well, at the risk of starting another creative tantrum from the blogue artiste, I was wondering what had happened to you...

(Should I run or duck for cover??? Or try and do both at the same time?)

alice c said...

Tantrums...overwhelming desire to quit it blog...returning with passionate affection...


You talkin' bout me there, sistah?

Jodie said...

I have been wondering what excitements have kept you so busy!

Suse said...


So you've been talking to bloggers on the phone rather than blogging, have you? Harumph.

RW said...

I came back again.
suse's comment kills me.

Duyvken said...

Hi darling E!
I thought perhaps you were stalking movie backlots and hoping to pitch your script idea to eager producers. I picture you wearing black, clutching a worn manuscript and talking a million miles a minute saying things like "it's James Bond meets Tinkerbell meets Sliding Doors with a 21st century aesthestic..."
I'm glad you're back!

eurolush said...

Oh, everyone else is so creative. How do I follow Duyvken and her witty comment? I am stamping my foot right now, with my arms crossed and my bottom lip pushed out, much like a two year old. In short, I'm in the middle of a temper tantrum.

Yes, dearest E, you've captured the essence of blogging. The blog cycle, so to speak. Love, hate, love, hate...need.

Really, I think I speak for us all when I say...MORE ELEANOR! The world simply needs more ELEANOR. Can I get a HOLLAH BACK from the from my peeps?

PS-Mr. Lush is shy. I think he's trying to come up with a witty response to your post...Give him time.

PPS-Mr. Commentbox and Mr. Lush sound like kindred spirits.

PPPS-We've all missed you.

PPPPS-Did I spell "essence" right?

eurolush said...

...from the from my peeps???



Badger said...

Blog365 saved my marriage. It's true. I'm just sayin'.

And Eurolush, I thought you were just rapping. "From the from the from my PEEPS. HOLLA!" I was picturing interpretive dance and everything. WAY TO HARSH MY MELLOW.

Duyvken said...

If I knew how to HOLLA BACK I would.

Michelle said...

Hello Miss! Good to see you back! Hope you have been having exciting non-bloggy times.

Anna of Helylle said...

You'll see that I haven't posted for a while either. What a relief to read "bloggers are like that". Missed you.