Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great article

One of my favourite writers - Marjorie Ingall - just wrote this article which perfectly summarises what I went through as my kids were growing up.

Only last night, over dinner, 19 year old Miss CB was reminiscing about the strange way I reacted to the "Madeline's Christmas" television episode she loved.

It also reminds me of another writer I adore - Journeymama - who wrote an angry post (well, as angry as I've ever seen the peaceful, gentle, loving Rae) a few years ago after having discovered that someone had told her children about the toothfairy's existence.

The line between truth and fiction is so very thin in childhood, but then that's what makes it so magical.

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Duyvken said...

Great article. Christmas had become so secular that lots and lots of people who avoid anything vaguely Christian for the rest of the year throw themselves into Christmas in a big way!
She outlines the alternative ways to deal with this time of year, which way did you choose eventually?