Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can you ever go home?

Tomorrow morning Miss Commentbox and I shall be flying to Israel to celebrate the bar-mitzvah of my brother's son. It'll be a bit of a family reunion as well as a trip down memory lane. My father's Israeli, Mum's American, and I lived in Israel for six years from when I was two until I was eight. So those were formative years in my life, I started school there, learned to read and write and made my first friends and memories. I have very very beautiful memories of my childhood and the nostalgia I feel for those years is immense. I shall not be talking politics in my posts, both because it's so complicated and because I am so ambivalent, also because that's not what this trip is about for me.

To get started here is the song I was listening to way back then - it was a winning entry in the Israeli Children's Music Festival and was THE playground hit that year.


Tania said...

Irrational shivers down my spine. Something to do with the whole business of going home, then leaving again - with a bit of the childhood thing thrown in to boot.

Hope it’s all damned wonderful.

Mary said...

I cannot wait to read these posts.

Can not wait.

Travel safe my friend and my niece.

The Coffee Lady said...

That bear might be clapping but he looks as miserable as hell.

Paola said...

I'm sure you will have a gorgeous post for us to read.
Meanwhile, enjoy this!

RW said...

I wish you a safe journey. I too, look forward to hearing you write about this experience. How great you can share it with your daughter. How very great!