Monday, July 5, 2010

When I win the lottery I will fly each and every one of you to Tuvalu and:

I will rent out this place every evening. Cocktails and mini-burgers and some wonderful tunes playing on the piano. Then more cocktails, fries dipped in mayonnaise and gushing over the murals. Repeat.

On the very first morning we will convene here, we will take full advantage of the free Wifi and the Reading Room. Although I have no doubt that EL and Coffeelady would end up here.

We'd have breakfast here every single morning. We'd also eat a great deal of the time here, here and here.

We would often find ourselves exhausted - sore throats from talking so much, sore facial muscles from laughing so much etc. So we would have to take a break and relax in these grounds. We would also walk up and down here, especially at sunset.

Free banana pudding every single day...and night....from here, and we'd only eat cupcakes from here. That's a RULE, by the way, because a HUGE amount of research went into this. HUGE.

To be continued......


blackbird said...

I think I've just gained weight.

kim at allconsuming said...

I miss you. Can you come home now please?

The Coffee Lady said...

I do not, and will not ever, play ping pong. I am insulted.

RW said...

oh hurray
an update
with photos.

eurolush said...

BUTTER LANE. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Happydog said...

I've bookmarked EVERY link for my first trip to New York in the which I will eat my weight in New York's finest cupcakes.

eurolush said...


Playing ping-pong with CL would be the equivalent of throwing a cat into a dog fighting ring.

PPS: A de-clawed cat with a very bad attitude.

Mary said...

The highline has become the most important reason for me to go to New York

Paola said...

Now you're KILLING ME.
But I appreciate the thought.
Also, Magnolia bakery does not make the BESTEST cupcakes????