Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Grand Manhattan Adventure

Long time no post, huh?!!

So... this post will officially start the catch-up. I will tell you where I've travelled, what I've done and who I met in the past three weeks.

But first let me share this photograph with you, this photo which is my all-time favourite out of the many photos taken during my Grand Manhattan Adventure.

No photoshopping was used on this photo, Eurolush truly is that drop-dead gorgeous, cute and lovable. She's everything she is in her blog, but even more witty, clever, funny and AWESOME. If you can imagine! Which I don't have to any more, because I MET her!!!!

Seeing as Eurolush is just so damn fine, she never ever travels without her trusty entourage of lurkers, and indeed she was accompanied this week by her most experienced and professional lurker - the infamous B. True to form, B never left our side...we could always see her out of the corner of our eyes, but then we'd turn around and....poof....nobody there....just some anonymous passerby staring into the window of yet another Cupcake Shop. You know that commentbox you just received on your blog signed by Anonymous? That was B. You know that "follower" who won't let you know who she is? B. You know that reader you imagine...the one who follows the details of your life but never shares anything in return?


She is always in disguise.

Spot the lurker:

Spot the lurker:
Spot the lurker:

And now I must come to the reason for my Grand Manhattan Adventure (aka Tuvalu Travels). Do not for one moment think that I was sent here for pleasure. God forbid. Ladies, it was all business, risky business, challenging, and at times, I must admit, exhausting.

There are not many people who can head up the International Cupcake Commission, and it was an absolute honour to have been chosen to be Co-President of said Commission - alongside Eurolush. Our personal assistant B was an ideal choice, she's there....but completely all good lurkers are.

Hmmm....not sure...5 points for atmosphere and comfort, 5 for the superlative icing, but the cake itself...hmm.....not...quite...sure....

A second round may be needed for a true and exact judgement call.

Presenting the Cupcake Van, 4 points for cuteness, but lack of freshness and overwhelming diesel fumes left our Co-President unimpressed. And yet still fresh as a daisy and cute as a button:

The judges are ecstatic. The icing is as thick as the cake itself. A grand effort indeed.

Presentation outstanding, the judges are immediately at ease. All is well with the world.

Random photo of me kissing Eurolush.

Just because.

To be continued......the next episode may well include a tiny blackbird, a Chinese restaurant, and several glasses of Sancerre.

Then we shall probably return to the cupcakes, and an Italian restaurant in which we may or may not have waited for an hour and a half at the bar until our table was ready.


kim at allconsuming said...

I am so blind with envy I can hardly see straight.

Julia said...

Thank heavens BB was there to keep us posted! Are you back in Australia or still in the States? And why, oh why, do these northern hemisphere jaunts not include side trips to Europe may I ask?

Ya'll look like you had a great time, so glad you got to meet up with EL even in the midst of business.

Paola said...

I am STIL SOOOOOOOO with Kim!!!
(as per Bb's comments yesterday...)

The Coffee Lady said...

"She's everything she is in her blog, but even more witty, clever, funny and AWESOME."

Is she more irritating, too?

Suse said...

You are making a lot of people very envious! But I'm so thrilled you're having such a wonderful time.

Also, that last photo is the perfect companion to this one:

Duyvken said...

I can't bear it!
Eurolush, cupcakes, B!!!!
Too much, too much.
Can't wait to read more, dear friend, A.

eurolush said...

Officially the best weekend of summer 2010...spent with the coolest kids in the class. That weekend will keep me going for the rest of the year.

Love the photos!!


eurolush said...


We fear what we do not understand.

Badger said...

You know what? I am so happy for you guys, that you got to do that, that I am not even jealous. Nope. Not one little bit. TOTALLY NOT JEALOUS OVER HERE.

Anonymous said...

Green, here. Jealousy. Green with jealousy. Lushie AND bb? I need to inspect cupcakes, too (she whined, thereby eliminating all doubt as to why she was not informed of the event).

fifi said...


I dont pay attention for two seconds and there you are in New York with eurolush?! how cool. How amazing. I must pay more attention.

And I must continue to search for that picture of you at my exhibition, I cannot find it.