Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Domestic Dance

Domestic duties are so tedious and dull, and they repeat endlessly. "Needle on the record and here we go again," I thought to myself this morning (Sunday) as I started yet another load of laundry.

The only way to fight this dreadful domestic dilemma is to trick oneself into thinking something wonderfully exciting and intriguing is ACTUALLY happening. It may LOOK like I am folding underwear, but I am in fact the Lady of the Ring sitting in her sister's small red car and rolling along the road to destination.....unknown.

But the Lady of the Ring needs music - a soundtrack, or perhaps a personal musical theme. Easy. So I listened to this little gem this afternoon while ironing, and it made all the difference to my attitude.

I think this may become a regular post...."Helpful Hints For The Domestic Imagination."


eurolush said...

If I were to listen to that music while attempting housework, the only thing I would accomplish would be a grand Waltz throughout the house with my mop. I guarantee, it would be a sight to behold.

(Somehow I doubt it would be quite as magical with my iron.)

I do see the importance of setting domestic duties to music, though. That is pure genius, E.

Perhaps, you could assign certain songs to certain duties: sweeping, mopping, laundry collection, washing, folding, dusting, vacuuming, food preparation, etc.

Then we could all accomplish our duties with the happiest of dispositions.

RW said...

I scrub my tile floors to
The Blind Boys of Alabama - blasting it - much to my children's chagrin.

Julia said...

Just tried the waltz for floor scrubbing...definitely circle inducing!

Hmm.. I can just imagine the science fair/Tom Sawyer project you could make out of this: group a - you scrub the bath room floor to Brahms, group b - you get the kitchen, to Led Zepplin. We will compare brush strokes and level of cleanliness.

(Myself, I recommend singing with your vacuum cleaner, it makes a great duet partner!).

Tuli said...

I love this! I am in agreement with Eurolush - you should definitely assign songs to household tasks - we'll load up our iPods and clean with glee. Well, ok. Maybe not glee. But we sure as heck won't be scowling!

By the way - S listens to the Talking Head's Psycho Killer - and sings along at the TOP of his lungs - when he's cleaning his house. It is a sight to behold, lemme tell ya.

little red hen said...

I've been known to pop on a tiara in order to make the chores less tedious- somehow wearing it makes me feel like I'm playing house and it's not really a chore. I must dig it out again as I've become far too serious and boring of late!

Duyvken said...

You're divine! Domestic duties are a bore. My soundtrack is usually Peter, Paul and Mary, and someone following me around asking why or wanting something to eat :-)

laura said...

A gem indeed.

I love Broadway musicals for cleaning. I get lost in the story and the music and all of a sudden I'm not scrubbing the floor anymore I'm Eponine pining over Marius. Much much better than housework ; )

laura said...

PS nice post over at bb's.
I have been shy about posting my email address so it nice to know I'm not breaking any blogging protocol if there is such a thing.