Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Some of you may remember the story of Snow White. Well, guess what people??? Snow White has a sister, and Eleanor is most unhappy. Yes...Eleanor - that ugly hag of a witch - is, ONCE AGAIN, being eaten up with ugly, green jealousy of the most poisonous and horrifying kind. It's getting UGLY people. And you know why? Because Snow White's sister is none other than Sleeping Beauty, aka Princess Aurora. Not.happy.people.

Oh, sure, Snow White can TRY TO DISGUISE THE FACT THAT SHE HAS A FABULOUS FAIRYTALE SISTER WITH HAIR THE COLOUR OF THE RISING SUN AT DAWN. But Eleanor can very easily see through those flimsy optical disguises. And we ALL KNOW, don't we now, that the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. They both involve BEAUTY, LOVE and...something which Eleanor hates most of all....A HAPPY ENDING.

Here is a picture of Princess Aurora, posing shamelessly while visiting her beloved sister Snow White. As you can see, she has befriended the beautiful, friendly and, yech, cute animals of the German forest. How sweet.

But who is this we see now...standing over Aurora with an evil glint in her eye?

Indeed, it is the horrifying, terrifyingly angry Eleanor who is plotting evil as she ponders the fun that Aurora has with her beautiful sister as they spend the long summer days in each other's company...laughing, joking, smiling, happy sisters that they are.

But Eleanor has a plan. You just know she does....and revenge comes so very easily to Eleanor, hehehe. For what is that strange, dark bird which Eleanor is carrying on her sceptre?

Why...could it be.....perhaps I am mistaken...but it looks...very well...dare I say.....Ben the Hawkman's hawk!!!!!!!!!! Could it be, please god, say it isn't so...but could it possibly be....that while Snow White has been far away in the land of fairytales, visiting and having fun, oh so much fun, with Aurora (hsssss...), revengeful Eleanor has sneaked into Snow White's village, and befriended the Hawkman? Could it be that she has had a beer (or two) with Hawkman at Trafo, and then tamed the wild, hawkish renovator so that he gave her the grand tour of his newly built castle and then, oh yes, you know it's true....he allowed her to hold his most prized possession? Now, now, ladies, settle down.....


and, if any other fabulously charismatic, cutely adorable, or fantastically entertaining sisters want to turn up...

you have been warned!


kmkat said...

Hee hee! I feel so privileged that I know whereof you speak. Cute and adorable sisters -- bah!

bluemountainsmary said...

I too know of whom you speak.

I would be very scared if I was them!

eurolush said...


You are hereby, from this day forward, inducted into the Eurolush Family as an Honorary Sister (badge to follow.) I'll inform my mother and father that they have an additional Aussie daughter now...which will make FIVE girls in the family. I know you'll fit in quite well and in no time, seem as though you've always been there.

Additionally, you will be expected for dinner on Sundays. Also, Dad may ask you to help him figure out some of his more recent computer problems, and Mom will continuously make giant batches of homemade desserts and force you to eat them (and by force I mean: leave them in the kitchen.)

Alright. I guess that's it. Now hurry up and get here soon. Dinner is at five.

Jeanette said...

Ha, ha! Reading your posts is a treat as always! I think little red riding hood is involved here somewhere too. She is the very tiny little sister off visiting her grandmother during summer while the old girls are enjoying themselves partying along at the castle!

Of the Hawkman I know nothing I am sad to say. But he looks very interesting though. I am very much in to fairy tale men. I for myself never understood why Robin Hood where so interesting when you could have the sheriff of Nottingham...especially when he is played by Alan Rickman. Who could possibly want Kevin Costner when you can have Alan Rickman ????

Hee, hee!

Take care

Eleanor said...

Eurolush, I am DEEPLY honoured. So honoured, in fact, I am going to have to...just have to...bust some of my moves....

We are fa-mi-ly (clap, clap, clap) I've got all my sisters with me (clap, jump, clap). Come on everybody, let's DANCE!!!!

Jen said...

After much clicking, I now understand this post. But dang, this blogging world is hard to keep up with!