Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's still Apron Week people!

Now listen here people. I know we had a fabulous time at Trafo last night, and I know we aren't feeling too well this morning, ahem. But where is your COMMITMENT to APRON WEEK? It's Apron WEEK people, not Apron DAY. Is anyone out there listening? You girls in the back....are you passing NOTES? Have you heard a single WORD I said?

That's better.

Now that I have your attention, please admire exhibit A. This is a cookbook I purchased for a couple of dollars from a second-hand bookshop in Tel-Aviv a few years ago. It is dated 1940, and as you can see it is written in both English and German.

If you flip the book over, you can also see that it is written in Hebrew! It's so handy that Hebrew is written from right to left, allowing a book such as this to have two front covers.
Now, can anyone tell me why this book might be appropriate for a post this week? You two girls in the back...are you chewing gum? NO! Please tell me you didn't just stick that gum under that desk. What? Oh yes...quite right...the answer to my question is that the woman pictured on the cover of this book is wearing an APRON. Correct! And that woman is also reading a book, and the woman pictured on her book is also wearing an APRON. Thank you.

Here is the introduction to the book. Yes, girl in the back, you have a question? Oh...this photo is a little blurry and you can't read the print? You think that might be due to the fact that I took the photo after the Trafo celebration? Well. I think you may not be able to read the print because you, young lady, need to sit in the very front row of the class, right here, where I can keep an eye on you. That's better.
Below is a close-up of the introduction. Yes. I know I should have really scanned the damned thing, but I have no time, and I need sleep, and yet I AM COMMITTED TO APRON WEEK.

I am sure that if you all try very, very hard, you will be able to read the print. It will be worth it, I assure you.

The print below doesn't need to be read. It is just an example of how the book has three columns - English, German and Hebrew.

The image below is from the book, and has been added to this post simply because it is hysterically funny. While also being somewhat disturbing.

" The thoughtless housewife is wasteful and gives herself much extra work. Table and ground become dirty - when there is no little cat in the house!" is translated into German and Hebrew as well.
This thoughtless housewife is wasteful and gives herself much extra work because she is blogging at midnight on a Thursday night instead of getting much-needed sleep. But this housewife takes her commitment to Apron Week very very seriously.
Do you?


eurolush said...

I didn't spit out my gum or stick it under the desk, Miss. I put it behind my ear.

Eleanor, I love how you seem to have a perfectly appropriate and entertaining book for every subject...including Apron Week.

What I want to know about that housewife and her meat-grinder is WHO she's grinding up in there?? (Perhaps her husband, who doesn't pick up after himself?)

Tuli said...

Fantastic post!

I SO want to participate in Apron Week but, alas, I own exactly zero aprons. Damn it.

I did, however, give this apron:
once as a gift.

blackbird said...

I only have ONE.

(eurolush stole my lunch)

Duyvken said...

My homework is late but I hope you will still grant me a passing grade, dear teacher. I'm dying to check out your bookshelves, Eleanor, keep those book posts coming!