Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Now it's 11:30am on a very rainy and grey Wednesday here in Sydney, and Eleanor is still in her pyjamas. But that's all cool, because Eurolush does the same, and Eurolush is uber-cool!!!! Also, Eurolush expressly forbids me from doing anything other than posting stuff on my blog, so I have permission from the boss.

So I'm in my pyjamas, sitting in front of the computer screen, and I check in with know...I have to clock in so the boss knows where I am at all times, and that's when I see them. Photos of the most beautiful necklaces, ever, and all hand-crafted by Eurolush herself.


I know. I couldn't get over it either. So I immediately had to write a poem, it is titled "The Euroluscious Necklace":

When you come upon our Eurolush
Sitting on your plane,
Fly it safely and beware
For the cargo you have there
Is as precious as a gemstone
Hanging, beaded in the air.

What is this necklace with a twist?
What is this beaded gem divine?
What is this larger darker oblong
With the tiny mustard eye?

What say you of vintage pearling?
Or of grass-green circles rare?
'Tis the Eurolush of Germany
With her crafting, loving stare.

Yes, we see the purple fretting,
And the night-dark sister love.
Yes, we see the sea-blue twinkling,
And the moonstone up above.

Do you know her deep-red husband love?
Have you seen her two-pearled flair?
Have you giggled at her table
As she shared her pastries there?

Well, indeed, we have,
And clearly,
While many may compare,
It is this euroluscious necklace
Twinkling, precious,

And then, I did some research and discovered that it is quite appropriate, and in fact recommended, that a blogging award, especially Swedish awards, be given to two bloggers rather than just one....and....well....I immediately pasted this award right here for Eurolush, and I now say (while gushing, I know, I'm gushing, sorry):

Eurolush, thank you for your creative blogging - you bead your words as you do your gems and pearls, with style, energy, love and infinite wit and grace.

And now let's all wander down to Trafo for a celebratory dinner!!!!


eurolush said...

If there was an award for making my day, I'd send you a million right now...

Anna said...

You're kidding, right? You didn't just think "oh, I'll write a poem for eurolush" - and just sat down and did it?? People can do that? Well, obviously Eleanor can. And a darned good one too...

Good choice with the award!

Dani said...

Now THAT is some Bloggy Love right there.

Esti said...

I'm going to check those necklaces right away!! Your posts make me smile :)

Tuli said...

On to Trafo we go!

eurolush said...

Hi. I'm back. Just checking in. Staying calm. Taking deep breaths. Nothing to get worked-up about here. Resisting the urge to squeal. Denying the need to bust out some sick dance moves.

Stay cool, eurolush. Stay cool.

Oh, who am I kidding??? I've been giddy all day thinking about this post.


This calls for a DANCE-OFF!!! Music, please!!

It's Beyonce's Bootylicious!!

Look out! Time for "Middle-aged Woman Does Step Aerobics, While Watching Herself in the Mirror!" Work it! Wooooork it! Step up! Step Down! Step Up! Step Down! Feel the burn, ladies! Look at me in the mirror, with my leopard-print leotard and matching sweatband!! Be a witness!I'm working on my FITNESS!

Hold up! Moving on to "Awkward 12 Year Old Boy at the Seventh Grade Dance!" That's right! Bustin' some moves now! Slightly self-conscious! Arms at my side. Very rigid. Feet together, and apart. Together, and apart. Careful now. Losing the beat. Starting to sweat here! Hope the girls are watching! Been praticing these moves in front of the bathroom mirror all week!

What? It can't be! Yes! It is! It's time for "The Avatar!" Check it out! Those Avatar ladies dancing on your computer pop-ups ain't got NOTHIN' on ME!! Wooooooooo! Working the arms AND legs now! Double time!!

WHOA!! Hold on! Slow it down! Simma down. It's "Sensual Lasso" time now. Watch my sensual moves, as I slowly twirl my lasso above my head. So sensual and slow...that lasso. Twirling, twirling...twirling.

No. It can't be. Yes! It is! It's the "Sensual Bellydance!" Look at me with both arms above my head, dancing like a gypsy in slow-motion. I'm so sensual, I can hardly stand it! These moves are dangerously sexy! That's right, make your husbands look away, ladies...

Uh oh, is that INCENSE I smell??? It must be time for "Middle-aged Hippie-woman Gesticulating Wildly!" That's right! I'm pointing at you! And you! And you! And you! Look at my long skirt and flowing hair, parted down the middle! I'm in bare feet! I'm a free spirit! I can twirl! I can jump! I can gesticulate wildly to the music!

Whew... So. Out. Of. Breath. Too. Much. Gesticulating. Must. Stop.

The show must come to an end.

And now, I am bowing down before you.

Thank you, dearest E, for the great honor of receiving your most excellent poem.

You truly made my day.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor -

What a pretty poem for my baby sister! I love the image of the precious cargo dangling in the sky..

And, an award! She gets an award! I feel so lucky to have such a sister.

She is also a very fine dancer, as we will show you when she gets home this summer.

We're planning a tutorial. All we have to do is find a video and then bust a move.

Oh, the secret is revealed... Eurolush is a twin, but not an identical twin. They look somewhat alike, and are equally adorable, but she got the dimples and the Snow White coloring.

Thanks for the poem - I love reading your blog each day.


Duyvken said...

you're right about those necklaces, they're divine!