Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cat eye

A perfect example of how the right pair of glasses can magically add interest and style to an outfit.

I recently purchased cat eye spectacles and will soon post photos, they are part of the Betsey Johnson range.


Duyvken said...

Such a great photo! I tried on a few pairs of Tom Ford glasses, but none that were the right size. Looking forward to your post about the glasses. xx

Michelle's Style File said...

Perfect post! I am wearing cat eye glasses on my blog today! & have a giveaway to win a pair.


Paola said...

Yes. Picture, please.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I had a pair of cat-eye glasses in fifth grade. They were outstandingly ugly. (As was I at age 10.)

Julia said...

Cool glasses are so fun. Looking forward to your pic.

Julie said...

Hello Eleanor, this is off topic, but I remember that you were writing a script for a romantic comedy and wondered whether you had read this article?
It gave me a chuckle. How is your script going?