Monday, January 31, 2011

We stayed up, 'til 10 o'clock

This is for any of you who are parenting teenagers who just went back to school this week. I still stubbornly hold to my belief that parenting only gets better as your children get older ... as do their stories about what they did during the summer holidays.

Kids are cute, but teenagers are magic. It's just that not many bloggers write about it because, you see, at some point your children's lives stop being a reflection of you and start being all about them.

Unbloggable magic.


RW said...

yep. unbloggable magic.
missed you.
very much.

trash said...

Are we in the 'Being John Malkovich'? Do you have a doorway into my head? I have just been thinking over the last few days about teenagers.

I heard somewhere the defintion of growing up is when you are no longer trying to live your parents' dreams.

I am loving watching who my girl is becoming.

Mary said...

I'm with Trash..

In my case I am loving watching who my eldest boy is becoming..

and love love love our conversations...

eurolush said...

No magic here. Just lots of deep sighing, eye rolling and one word conversations.

Am I the only one?

Paola said...

I am not looking forward to teenage years. I admit.
WIll let you know when time approaches.
If I shall still be here, that is.

Anonymous said...

I found my boys to be much more entertaining as teenagers than as younger children. Mostly because I was no longer tempted to eat them.

Julie said...

Eleanor, thank you for this and your previous post about the great things I can look forward to as my crop of girls, currently 7,5,3 and 1, grow up. It has moved me, for the first time ever, to de-lurk and comment on a blog. Frequent dire warnings, mostly from strangers, had left me ambivalent about what's to come.