Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A bag of tricks

Miss Commentbox needed a lift to the city early this morning. She had enrolled herself in a course in preparation for the HSC (Higher School Certificate). I said to her "Darling, why are you so serious about your studies? Why do you need to take extra courses at the university during your summer holidays? You need to get your priorities right. You need to stay home and bake us more cupcakes."

Miss Commentbox's cupcakes are LEGEND.

Here are the mini cupcakes she made for the inaugural Sydney Bloggers' Event. Butter cake with white frosting and delicate, pastel-coloured sprinkles. Miss Commentbox even has a special carrying case for them, because we don't want any of the perfect frosting peaks to be ruined by any accidents on the road.

So I had to wake up very early to give Miss Commentbox a lift.

But I slept through the alarm, so I was very late and Miss C was very upset with me. I raced to the car without washing my face or brushing my hair, or my teeth. We made it just in time thanks to my superb driving skills, and then there I was, in the middle of the city, still half asleep. Had I even brought my bag with me? I couldn't remember. I checked the boot:

I had my beach bag there, left from that day a while back which held a promise of a swim. But what was that IN the beach bag? Why, it was my CITY bag, but I didn't remember bringing it along!!!

The two little birds on the bag seemed to talk to me in tiny, cheerful chirrups. They were hypnotising me. I returned to the front seat of my car and drove, following their PRECISE directions.

Here is where the bag birds told me to park. The red car is mine, I like to call it my "Noddy Car".

I put the bag over my shoulder, and the birds told me to walk up a block and then stop RIGHT HERE:

There was a line all the way out the door of the bakery. But at least I didn't have to feel self-conscious about my unbrushed hair.

This is what the birds made me order, and we sat together at a pavement table and slowly started to wake up properly. The coffee was very good, even though they misspelled my name.
The couple sitting at the table to my left were ultra-cool. One of them was filling out a form for a course at the local film school.

Soon, the birds beckoned and I followed. They told me to drive straight, and then left, then right and right again. Then we parked, and this is what I saw:
I'll tell you all about the continuing saga of the mysteriously hypnotic bag birds in tomorrow's post.

It was THAT great!!!!


Badger said...

Ooo! I can't wait!

eurolush said...

While I commend the birdies on their bakery-hunting skills, I'm hoping the next destination will be the Sydney Airport--where they'll entice you to board a direct flight to Frankfurt.

C'mon birdies--remember our plan?!?

PS-Let me know what time I need to pick you up.

alice c said...

I got distracted by the Linky list which I love! How clever you are.

And now I must go back and admire the Legendary Cupcakes.

Tuli said...

Oh my gosh! I love those birdies. And good on them to lead you to such a wonderful bakery. No shoes required!

Can't wait until tomorrow's episode of "A Bag of Tricks."

PS - LOVE the new banner!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh those cakes were divine.

I am enjoying this tale so much.

Can we go to that bakery next time I am in Sydney?

kim at allconsuming said...

Brasserie Breads?

My WV is polon, which sounds a lot like colon and that just isn't right at all.

kim at allconsuming said...

Let's do a bit of a food tour next time - lunch at Chef's, a trip to the bakery, maybe a patisserie? An artisan chocolatier?

Duyvken said...

Kim, you're singing my song!
Looks like fun Eleanor, I also order a SK L. Sometimes I even order a DC SK L just to mix it up. I like to keep my barista on her toes :-) I hope the birdies got you into the pool! xo A

Julia said...

I thought I recognized those birdies, they have a mittel european look to them! Once in the Frankfurt airport, please remind them that the autobahn trip to Prague is a mere 4 or so hours. Child's play for Australian globe trotters, truly.